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The 3 things to consider when buying a marble table

Have you decided to redesign or beautify your living space or are you perhaps moving? Buying a special new piece of furniture is a joyful activity that we don't do very often (at least hopefully, in terms of sustainability).

However, without the right preparation, this joy can quickly turn into stress - the piece of furniture arrives and is too small, too bulky or the color doesn't fit into our concept. Maybe we haven't informed ourselves enough about a particular material and are annoyed when the children or dog “redesign” the light textile couch in a few days.

It is therefore important that we consider a few basic aspects before we make a major purchase - and that is how it is our locally produced unique pieces from the MAGNA studio.

Our competent consultants will be happy to advise you individually and personally on your table selection and the various natural stones and frames, but we have also summarized the most important aspects that you should pay attention to when buying your new marble table or natural stone object in three clear steps should.

Buying a natural stone or marble table – what should I pay attention to?

1. The dimensions

Schreibtisch Marmor

Measure the place where you will place your dining table, Desk or coffee table want to place.

How much space do you have available and approximately how big should the table be? You can mask off an area of ​​the floor with masking tape to get a rough idea. Alternatively, you can have a family member or partner lie horizontally on the floor to get an idea of ​​the possible size dimensions - now hold still, Susanne! Joking aside:

If you want to buy a new dining table, then the number of people who can sit at the table is also important. Make a note of the measurement range that is suitable for your storage location. 

Our experts from the MAGNA Atelier will be happy to advise you. As soon as you know your desired dimensions, we can also make a custom-made product for you in our factory if you do not like the standard dimensions of our tables.

2. The model

Esstisch Rom Marmor Rost Industrie

Now that you know the approximate dimensions and the space you have available, you can get a little more creative.

Browse through our carefully designed designs or Have your very own model made to order. Did you know that we also have one Outdoor Collection have? If you want to beautify your terrace or garden, you will find marble tables and unique natural stone pieces that have been specially designed for outdoor use.

See whether the design/model fits your interior and listen to your gut feeling.

For example, in the picture you can see ours Rome dining table with a table top made of the enchanting Verde Guatemala marble. Of course, we have many other models in different sizes Interior styles, from which you can choose. 

3. The material

Marmor Grün Tisch

Now it's time to get down to business. Choose the type that moves your heart from our natural stones.

You are spoiled for choice, because as one of the largest natural stone dealers in Germany, we have countless local and international natural stones from every corner of the world.

However, since we don't want to drive you to despair with too large a selection (because all of our natural stones are beautiful and unique), we have already made a competent and versatile pre-selection for you.

We have summarized these pre-selections for you in the Original Line and the Exclusive Line in our online shop. 

In our Original Line you will find two quartzites and seven types of marble.

Venom and Copacabana

 Types of marble: 

Emperador Brown, Crema Marfil, Bianco Carrara, Olympus White, Verde Guatemala, Nero Marquina und Grigio Marquina.

In our Exclusive Line You will find many other, somewhat rarer and more exotic natural stones that are only available in limited quantities.

In this exclusive collection you will find onyxes and quartzites with mystical backgrounds and partly translucent properties that reveal a cabinet of curiosities when it comes to extraordinary grains, strong colors and captivating optics.

Once you have completed these three steps, then nothing stands in the way of your interior happiness. We would still like to briefly address one thing, as our natural stones are a purely natural material that needs to be cared for.

Many of our customers inquire about the sensitivity of marble and how the types of marble and quartzite differ in this regard.

Natural materials – The sensitivity of marble 

Marmortisch Flecken reinigen

The countless statues and palazzi in Rome that are made of marble still stand today. So how sensitive can the material be?

As limestone, marble is an absorbent material created by nature that is somewhat softer and more sensitive than, for example, hard quartzite.

Natural materials are generally a little more sensitive - just think of leather or wood. Signs of use are from some people, e.g. B. in Italy, even desired. If you place a glass of water on an unimpregnated marble table without a coaster, a stain or edge will form after a while - this is completely normal and has to do with the fact that the marble “absorbs” the moisture, so to speak. Coasters can generally help with this. SBe sure to check out ours Savannah drink coasters made of marble!

However, if you despise coasters on principle or have fallen in love with one of our marble types and are not a fan of signs of wear, that is no reason not to buy a marble table. If the marble slab is impregnated, you have solved the problem before it arose. Good impregnation prevents dirt or liquids from coming into direct contact with the marble because there is a “protective layer” on the marble. 

We therefore offer you our three-piece care set that we have designed based on our decades of experience. In addition to a daily cleaning product, this care set also contains a waterproofing agent that you can apply to your table top after receiving the marble table.

Please note that the table top should be clean, dry and free of dust before you apply the impregnating agent evenly and carefully. You only need to do this process once a year.

If something goes wrong or you haven't impregnated your table yet and stains have already appeared, then you can find them in ours Marble Care Guide many tips on how you can remove stains and dirt from marble.

Now you are equipped with all the important information and we look forward to finding out which unique piece you will choose!

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