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Why marble is perfect for a table, despite its high sensitivity

Many of our customers want a table or table top made of marble and have reservations about the sensitivity of this timelessly beautiful material. Children, pets or your own clumsiness can quickly cause something to go wrong and stains to appear.

In this article we would like to explain to you in more detail why and how you can buy a marble table with a clear conscience without it showing stains and signs of use after a few months or without you only being concerned with care and maintenance. Because: With a few tricks and tips, marble tables and tables made of natural stone can be very robust and easy-care pieces of furniture.

Are marble tables sensitive?

Yes, marble is delicate if it is untreated. As limestone, it is a natural material that, due to its nature, absorbs moisture to a certain extent. So if you place a glass of water on an untreated marble table top or spill a liquid on the limestone, the marble will essentially absorb the liquid and a stain or edge will appear (if the marble table has not been impregnated beforehand).

Why is marble sensitive?

Marble is a porous rock, meaning it has tiny pores and cavities in its structure that allow liquids to penetrate into the stone. As a result, untreated marble can easily develop stains and discoloration. Liquids such as acids or oils in particular can leave marks if they penetrate the surface of the marble.

Since marble is primarily composed of calcium carbonate, a compound of calcium, carbon and oxygen, this chemical composition makes the rock particularly sensitive to acids. When acidic foods or drinks come into contact with marble, the acid can chemically attack the calcium carbonate, eroding the surface or causing stains.

So why should you? Buy a marble table, when theoretically stains can appear so quickly?

Marble tables – Proper care opens all doors for us

As you probably know, marble tables are extremely popular despite their sensitivity and marble has been used as a popular material for furniture and table tops since the dawn of time - so it can't be that delicate, can it?

When it comes to marble tables, everything depends on the right impregnation and regular care. If you waterproof your marble table correctly before using it for the first time, liquids and dirt cannot harm your table. So even for families with small children or animals where a glass is regularly knocked over, there is no reason for one Marble dining table or Marble coffee table to renounce.

And what if you already have stains on the marble table because you forgot to waterproof it?

That is also no problem. In our large marble guide We have put together detailed tips for you where we explain various techniques and give you tips on how to get stains and edges out of your marble table top.

Care and impregnation of marble – the be-all and end-all

So, proper and regular care of marble is the secret that allows us to keep marble tables in our home looking beautiful for a long time. The good news is that you only have to impregnate your table once a year. Daily care of your marble table is also child's play.

With our three-piece care set By the way, we have summarized all the cleaning and care products you need to care for and impregnate your marble table. We developed the set based on our many years of expertise specifically for our natural stone tables. 

Caring for an impregnated marble slab on a daily basis is very uncomplicated - dust cannot settle well on marble and it is therefore even an anti-allergenic material.

We will now explain to you how exactly you can care for your marble table and keep it as beautiful for a long time as it was on the first day. 

Care tips for marble tables

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We would therefore like to give you some briefly summarized tips on how you can best protect your marble from external influences, stains and scratches.

Please remember that impregnation of your marble is always the most efficient protective measure so that the material can be used safely in everyday life.

The following tips are further, complementary advice on how to maintain the perfect shine of your marble slab. 

Immediate wiping of liquids

Wipe up any spills as quickly as possible with a soft, clean cloth. Otherwise, liquids can quickly penetrate the porous surface and cause stains if your marble table is not impregnated. You should always wipe away liquids quickly, even on impregnated tables. 

Sour isn't always fun - avoid acidic cleaners

Do not use acidic cleaners such as vinegar, lemon juice or citric acid as these can attack the calcium carbonate in the marble and damage the surface. 

Gentle cleaning products

Use mild, pH-neutral cleaning agents or our special marble cleaner, which was specially developed for sensitive natural stone surfaces. 

Be a softie – Soft sponges or cloths

Use soft sponges or microfiber cloths to clean your marble table. Never use abrasive cleaners or steel wool as these will scratch the beautiful marble surface.

Warm water

Preferably clean your marble table with warm water. This makes it even easier to remove small dirt. Thoroughly wipe the surface to remove any remaining cleaning agent.

Avoiding heat

Avoid placing hot pots or pans directly on the marble table as this may cause discoloration or even cracking. It is better to use coasters or heat-resistant mats if you want to place hot pots or plates on your marble table.

Regular sealing and impregnation

Your marble should be sealed regularly to reduce its porosity and thus prevent stains. You can use our marble waterproofing agent according to our instructions to maintain and protect your marble table for a long time.

Be careful with juices and oils

Be particularly careful with acidic substances such as citrus fruits, as well as oils, as these can cause stains particularly quickly. If some acid or oil is spilled, wipe it up thoroughly immediately. If a stain has occurred, it may be possible the baking powder trick help.

Through regular and gentle cleaning and careful care, you can maintain the beauty and shine of your marble table and enjoy it indefinitely. Don't be afraid to buy a table made of natural stone or a marble table - the care and maintenance of marble is comparable to wood and leather products. You can do it with your left hand!

Discover ours now large selection of high quality marble tables!

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