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Spoiled for choice – which table shape should I choose for my marble dining table?

When it comes to designing your living space, choosing the right dining table plays a crucial role. A dining table not only serves as a place for meals, but can also be a central element in your living space, significantly influencing the style and atmosphere of your room.

If you have chosen a marble dining table, then you have already chosen a noble and timeless material, congratulations! Now all you have to do is choose the right table shape to maximize the beauty and functionality of your table.

In this article we will look at the three most popular table shapes from the MAGNA Atelier - round, oval and square - and take a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages of each shape to help you make your decision.

A round marble dining table – timeless elegance

runder esstisch

Round dining tables have a long history and have been a symbol of community and conviviality for centuries.

If you choose a round marble dining table, you will bring timeless elegance to your room. The curves of the table top give the room calm and naturalness.

Our most popular round marble dining table models are without a doubt the futuristic Tokyo dining table and the natural Victoria dining table with an oak base.

You can consider the following advantages and disadvantages of this table shape in your decision:


Advantages of a round marble dining table:

  1. Socializing: Round tables promote conversation and interaction because no one at one end of the table is “left out” and it is easier to sit together. The natural shape of the tabletop facilitates conversations across the entire table.

  2. Space saving: Round tables have no corners, making them ideal for smaller spaces. You may be able to gather more people around the table without the table appearing crowded. Round tables also appear a little more natural and “softer” than square tables.

  3. Aesthetic aspects: Round marble dining tables have a unique aesthetic appeal. The organic shape of marble can be particularly effective when presented in a round design.

Potential Disadvantages of a Round Marble Table:

  1. Limited placement options: Round tables may not fit well in corners or along walls. They require more space in the center of a room and therefore need to be placed strategically.

  2. Less storage space: Round tables also offer slightly less storage space in the middle of the table compared to rectangular or oval tables.

An oval marble dining table – pure harmony

ovaler marmor esstisch

Oval tables are currently particularly trendy. They offer an interesting mix of the sociability of round tables and the adaptability of rectangular tables.

The oval shape appears quite organic to the human eye, which gives this shape a calming and nature-loving effect.

Our most popular oval marble dining table at the moment is the Bergen dining table.

Here are some considerations that might help you choose an oval marble dining table:




Advantages of an oval marble dining table:

  1. Flexible placement: Oval shaped tables fit well in different room sizes and floor plans. They can be placed in corners or along walls without taking up too much space.

  2. Sociability and intimacy: Similar to round tables, oval tables encourage conversation and interaction because they bring those sitting closer together and create less distance between those sitting next to them.

  3. Elegant aesthetics: The gentle curves of an oval marble dining table give it an elegant and timeless aesthetic that looks natural and calming in the living concept.

Potential Disadvantages of an Oval Marble Dining Table:

  1. Not as space-saving as round tables: Although oval tables are flexible in placement, they take up a little more space than round tables.

The square marble dining table – The classic choice

eckiger marmor esstisch

Square marble dining tables are the classic choice when it comes to dining room furniture.

They are known for their simple elegance and the ability to accommodate several people comfortably and orderly at the table.

Our most popular square marble dining tables are the classic Bergen, there modern Spider, the Scandinavian Malmö and the nostalgic Louisiana dining table in country house style

The following You can consider the advantages and disadvantages of the square table shape in your decision:


Advantages of a square marble dining table:

  1. Efficient use of space: Square tables use space efficiently and fit well in corners or along walls. They offer maximum storage space in the middle of the table.

  2. Expandable: Rectangular tables can be easily extended with extensions to accommodate additional guests.

  3. Versatile styles: Square tables are available in a variety of styles, from modern to classic, and fit well with different decoration concepts.

Potential Disadvantages of a Square Marble Dining Table:

  1. Less sociability: Compared to round and oval tables, it may be more difficult to have conversations across the entire table surface as some guests may sit further apart or at right angles from one another. This can sometimes mean that you have to limit your conversation partners to the people sitting directly next to you or have to change seats during the course of the evening for conversations.

  2. Harder edges: Square tables have hard edges that may not be as safe for small children as round edges. You can secure the square edges with foam child safety locks for smaller children.

Our conclusion – marble tables in all shapes

When choosing your marble dining table, you should consider the size of your room, your personal preferences and intended use. Remember that the marble itself already has an impressive visual impact, regardless of the shape you choose. The key is to choose a table shape that best suits your needs and style. 

Choosing the right table shape for your marble dining table can have a big impact on the aesthetics and functionality of your dining room. Round tables offer timeless elegance, promote sociability and are particularly safe for smaller children. Oval tables are flexible in placement and combine sociability with adaptability. Square tables are classic, offer plenty of storage space and are efficient in their use of space.

Ultimately, the choice of table shape depends on your personal preferences and the conditions of your room. A round marble dining table can look great in a small room, while a square table can look particularly elegant in a spacious dining room.

Regardless of your choice, your MAGNA Atelier marble dining table, with its natural beauty and elegance, will always be the focus of your room and part of every dinner conversation. We guarantee you that! 

Browse now through our range of dining tables in all possible shapes and let us make your special, unique piece of natural stone!

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