Furniture made from recycled glass bottles and natural stones

Burn Baby Burn – natural stone tables & fire protection

When we think about designing our living spaces, practicality, beauty, elegance and comfort are often in the foreground. But what about security?

While most families with children cannot ignore this factor, in households without children or animals it sometimes remains “under the radar”.

Today we would like to explain why marble tables and natural stone tables are not only an aesthetic asset, but also meet the highest safety standards. Natural stone tables, especially Marble tables, have been a symbol of timeless elegance and sophistication for centuries. The natural patterns and tones of the natural stones add a touch of luxury to any room and create a connection to nature.

But beauty alone is not enough to make interior design decisions these days. What really makes natural stone tables stand out is their remarkable safety, sustainability and longevity. And today the aspect of security will be examined in more detail.

Fire protection & natural stones 


We've all heard the word "fire protection" before, but what does it actually mean?

Fire safety refers to measures and precautions taken to prevent, detect and fight fires in order to protect human life, minimize damage to property and protect the environment.

In the context of interior design, fire safety includes various aspects that are crucial to the safety of people and buildings. Companies or office buildings in particular are familiar with the topic of fire protection, as there are requirements that must be met. Many of our customers, e.g. B. Restaurants, beauty studios or doctor's offices can be used Tables and accessories made from our natural stones due to its fire safety benefits and certain requirements they must meet. Natural stones are the perfect material for this as they meet aesthetic requirements and at the same time meet the requirements. 

And to what extent are natural stones good for fire protection? 

Natural stones – A popular material for fire protection

The answer to this is quite simple: natural stones do not burn and are therefore ideal for fire protection measures. In contrast to many other materials such as wood, plastics and glass, fire cannot harm natural stone. marble and others Natural stones are generally non-flammable because they are made of mineral components and do not contain any organic materials that could catch fire when heated.

The incombustibility of natural stone is probably the most important aspect for fire protection.

Marble, Quartzite and Onyxsteine are extremely heat-resistant because they have a high heat storage capacity and excellent thermal conductivity. When exposed to heat, they absorb the heat and release it slowly without catching fire themselves. This helps prevent fires from spreading. 

Natural stone tables and natural stone tiles also maintain their structural integrity at high temperatures. They do not melt or lose strength, meaning they are not damaged by heat and cannot contribute to fire.

This means they can provide extra protection in your home or business premises, which can be invaluable in the event of a fire.

Anyone who has ever seen a house burn knows that the interior plays a big role in how quickly a fire can spread and how devastating the extent of the fire is. Unlike other materials such as wood or plastics, natural stones also do not contain any volatile organic compounds that, when heated, could give off fumes or gases that are flammable or cause explosions.

So when it comes to minimizing the risk of fire in your living spaces, natural stone tables are the perfect choice. In some cases, using natural stones in the construction of a home or building can even help prevent or slow the spread of fires, as natural stones can serve as a fire barrier.

Why natural stones can increase safety in the home

Aside from fire safety, another benefit of natural stone tables that contributes to your safety is their durability. Unlike materials such as wood or plastic, which wear out over time, natural stone tables retain their beauty and functionality for many years. They are scratch-resistant, sturdy and require little maintenance to maintain these features.

If a child falls on a glass table while playing, this can have unpleasant consequences because glass can break and splinter. Natural stones, on the other hand, are hard and should be provided with edge protection, especially for very small children, but in many cases the risk of injury is still lower due to their stability: This means fewer potential sources of danger in your home.

Natural stone tables are not only safe, but also environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. As pure natural products derived from natural resources, they are also recyclable. 

Marble tables and natural stone furniture are also allergy-friendly as they do not release harmful substances that could affect the air quality in your home and are free from artificial additives and allergens.

Dust, animal hair and pollen also have difficulty settling and settling in natural stones, especially if they are polished. This is particularly important for individuals and families for whom allergies are an issue.

Marble tables from the MAGNA Atelier for a safe home

Natural stone tables are an enchanting and fire-safe addition to any living space or for your company.

The timeless beauty, impressive fire safety properties, environmental friendliness and hypoallergenic properties make natural stone tables a smart choice for anyone who wants to consider not only style but also safety and health metrics in their interior design.

So if you want to enhance your living space with a touch of elegance and practical security, you should consider the timeless beauties, Natural stones, consider. Our marble tables not only give your four walls a safe and luxurious atmosphere, but are also an investment in the future of your home.

Your safe and stylish interior design is waiting for you – with unique natural stone tables as the centerpiece!

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