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The colorful world of natural stones - About their creation and variety of colors

Natural stones are true treasures and works of art of our planet. They not only serve us as durable and high-quality construction and design materials, but also offer us a variety of colors that amaze us with their beauty. With exceptional natural stones we can beautify our living area, both inside and outside. Have you ever wondered how exactly the different colors in natural stone are created? After all, there are white marbles, blue quartzites, green metamorphites, beige limestones, and even colorful natural stones that feature dozens of colors. 

In this article we will look at the secrets of coloring some well-known natural stones. To do this, let’s take a look at some of the specimens from our Original-Line, like our green Verde Guatemala, black Nero Marquina and white Bianco Carrara marble, to understand why and how natural stones can have such unique colors. We also dedicate ourselves to our exceptional specimens from the Exclusive Line, such as the Venom Quartzite, the Viola Calacatta Marble and the Green Onyx. 

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How are the different colors of natural stone created?

The colors of various natural stones are the result of millions or even billions of years of geological processes. Geological processes play the crucial role in the formation of natural stones and they include complex processes that lead to the formation and alteration of rocks. DThe interaction of various factors such as pressure, temperature, chemical reactions and time ultimately lead to the creation and diversity of the natural stones that we have today and of course their colors.

In a sense, each natural stone tells a unique story about the geological processes that formed it and reflects these fascinating events. Each stone is the result of complex processes, such as deposition, sedimentation, heat and pressure from past ages. These geological and chemical processes shape the mineral composition and ultimate external appearance of the stone. The colors of natural stones are also heavily influenced by environmental factors, such as where they are formed. Natural stones from Brazil look different than natural stones from Germany and quartzites from India look different than quartzites from Iran. Different geological conditions, such as soil composition, weather and also flora and fauna, lead to different colors and textures of the individual stones. It is fascinating to know that natural stones, with their unique colors and patterns, tell these earth-historical origin stories. 

From the green Verde Guatemala natural stone to the black Nero Marquina to the white Bianco Carrara marble So, each color is the result of complex geological processes and the composition of the particular minerals and organic materials embedded in the stone. The materials interact with light in different ways and reflect certain colors, which ultimately determines the appearance of the natural stone.

The colors of natural stones are generally not always uniform, which makes them even more unique. The same type of stone can have different shades of color, grain and texture. Depending on where it is mined, the color can also vary. That's why there is e.g. For example, not just one color of the world-famous Carrara marble, but several colors, patterns and types. Factors such as the depth of the rock layer and the duration of geological processes can also contribute to natural stones taking on different colors.

When using natural stones in architecture, when designing our tables or in interior design, it is therefore important to take into account the characteristics and variations of the stone chosen. By knowing the history of origin and the color of the natural stone, we as experts in natural stones can make the perfect selection and highlight the unique qualities of each stone in our studio.

Our Original Line – elegance and diversity

The Verde Guatemala – Deep green, like the exotic jungle 

The 163 million year old Verde Guatemala natural stone is known for its vibrant green color, reminiscent of the lush jungles of Guatemala. This color occurs due to the presence of chlorite, a mineral commonly found in this natural stone. Chlorite is a green mineral that gets its characteristic color from the presence of iron and magnesium.

When Verde Guatemala natural stone was formed, geological processes embedded the mineral into the stone, giving it its green color.

A model where the Verde Guatemala is uniquely displayed is ours, for example „New York“, which brings the tropical green natural stone into focus and allows it to dominate in its splendor. 

The Nero Marquina – Black, like night

Der Nero Marquina is characterized by its deep black color and is often used for elegant interior design projects. The black color of this natural stone is mainly caused by the high organic material content.

During the sedimentation in Earth's history that produced this special stone, organic deposits such as plant remains and algae accumulated on the seabed. Over time, these organic materials were compressed and solidified, resulting in the formation of Nero Marquina natural stone. The dark color is caused by the carbon content of these organic materials, which gives the stone its characteristic black color.

The Bianco Carrara marble – classic white

Bianco Carrara marble is a popular natural stone known for its bright white color and smooth texture. The whiteness of marble is achieved by the presence of calcite, a white mineral.

White Carrara Marble formed millions of years ago through metamorphic processes in which originally calcareous sedimentary rocks were transformed under high pressure and temperature. During this transformation, the minerals in the rock were re-crystallized, giving the marble its characteristic white color. The Bianco Carrara is a classic Italian marble from the famous Carrara quarries in Tuscany and Michelangelo already used this marble. 

In memory of his homeland, ours Model "Room" the white Carrara marble sparkles particularly beautifully. 

Our Exclusive Line – Exotic and rare natural stones

The Venom Quartzite – The “Villain” among natural stones

Venom quartzite is known for its impressive appearance with contrasting colors and striking patterns. Its unique appearance is caused by a combination of various factors. Quartzite itself is a type of metamorphic rock composed of quartz grains that have been transformed under high pressure and temperature.

Other minerals, such as iron oxide or clay minerals, can also be embedded in the Venom quartzite. These additional minerals contribute to coloration by creating different hues and patterns. The intensive pressure and heat treatment during rock formation also creates deformations and faults in the quartzite, which are responsible for its unique structures and patterns that we can recognize in the special stone slabs today. 

If you're still looking for a showstopper for your patio, this is it Sapporo outdoor table with a table top made of the special Venom quartzite wonderfully served. 

The Calacatta Viola – Violet Veins

Viola Calacatta Tisch MontanaThe Calacatta Viola is a natural stone known for its elegant and luxurious appearance with a combination of white background and striking purple veins, almost spots. The coloring of the Viola Calacatta is due to the presence of minerals that were embedded in the rock during its formation.

The main component of Calacatta Viola is calcite, a mineral that can come in different shades. The purple colored veins are mainly caused by the presence of minerals such as manganese dioxide or other iron compounds. The exact composition varies from stone to stone, which can lead to different color nuances in the Viola Calacatta and gives it its uniqueness.

It's wonderful coming Calacatta Viola on our “Montana” dining table comes into its own because it brings the special natural stone into focus. 

The Green Onyx – A gemstone, like jade

Green Onyx is a transparent natural stone that is often used for decorative purposes. The green color of Green Onyx is formed by the presence of minerals such as chlorite, serpentine or other green minerals in its stone matrix. These minerals contain chromium or iron compounds that give the stone its characteristic green color, which is often also streaked with white and brown-red veins. Green Onyx is known for its transparency, which allows light to shine through the stone. This gives the Green Onyx a special luminosity and depth, making it a magical material for tables and interior furniture.

So we can note that the colors of various natural stones are the result of a fascinating combination of geological processes, time, mineral compositions and biological environmental factors. From the green Verde Guatemala natural stone to the black Nero Marquina natural stone to the Calacatta Viola, natural stones offer a wide range of colors and patterns that reflect the beauty and diversity of our planet and its origins. 

Their unique colors make natural stones very special materials from nature and a piece of world history. In view of this, every single object from the MAGNA studio is not only unique, but also a historical testimony to our earth. 

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