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The Four Year Type Trend - Which Season Are You?

The trend can currently be seen everywhere on social media and even at Douglas it is sometimes difficult to walk through the store without the friendly salespeople trying to explain our color types. Winter, spring, summer or autumn are the four major color groups, which can be further divided into subgroups and belong to the so-called four-year type system. The four-year type system is a system for determining color types in order to receive personal recommendations for the choice of colors for clothing, make-up and also for interior design. 

Our color type is determined by our hair color, eye color, skin color/complexion and our undertone. Depending on which color type we belong to, we receive a color palette with the colors that suit us best and that flatter us. Of course, we are also informed about the colors that we should avoid. Even if you are initially a little skeptical about most trends, we can say here: it actually works.

Many people find that they already like to wear or have around them the colors that belong to their color type - be it for clothing or interior design. Of course, there are some exceptions and you also get to know a few new colors that you may not have in your closet often or that you haven't chosen for your sofa cushions before. 

And color theory can also be extended to the interior sector? Yes absolutely. But first we would like to introduce you to the different color types according to the four-year type system. Let's go!

The four-year type system – the color theory

The four-season system is an extension of the color type concept and includes four main types named after the four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. Each color type is determined by certain characteristics such as skin color, hair color and eye color. Within each season there are also further sub-groupings and variations that take into account even more specific characteristics.

If you also want to find out which season you belong to, you can on this website Upload a photo of yourself and have your season determined exactly. 

So what do the different seasons look like in terms of color types?

The Spring Type - The sun comes out

The spring type is characterized by a warm skin tone with golden or reddish undertones. The hair colors of a spring type range from light blonde to light brown, while the eye color of a "spring" type is often blue, green or light brown. The spring type can be divided into further subgroups. We would like to briefly discuss two of the most common subgroups. 

Heller Spring/Light Spring

People who belong to the Light Spring often have very fair skin, blonde hair, and light eyes. A fair spring's hair color can be platinum blonde or golden, and the eye color is often blue and less often green. Bright springs look especially good in pastel colors such as soft pink, light blue and lilac.

A well-known example of this color type is the actress Amanda Seyfried. 

Warm Spring/Warm Spring

Warm Spring often has slightly tanned or peach-colored skin, with golden or copper-colored hair and green or hazel eyes. The Warm Spring looks good in bright and warm colors such as coral red, golden yellow and terracotta. For example, Tyra Banks is a “Warm Spring.” 

Interior design tips for spring types

If you're a spring type, then chances are good that you like bright and warm colors as well as colder pastel tones. You can use the following tips as inspiration to design your living area according to your color type:

  • Choose warm colors with a lively and fresh character, such as soft pink, yellow, green or peach. You can set accents with cooler pastel tones.
  • Use light and natural materials such as light wood, airy cotton fabrics or light curtains to emphasize a spring atmosphere.
  • Gold or copper accents can emphasize the warm undertones of your spring type not only in your wardrobe, but also in your interior design.
  • By the way, bright, pastel-colored floral patterns or natural motifs also go well with your spring type.
  • For example, an accessory that is made for you is ours Notting Hill decorative tray with the jade green glass ceramic.  

Die Sommertypen – Keeping Their Cool

A summer type is characterized by a cool skin tone with bluish or rosy undertones. Hair color varies from ash blonde to medium brown, and eye color can be blue, gray or green. The summer type is also divided into subgroups:

Heller Sommer/ Light Summer

The Light Summer often has fair skin with a cool, slightly rosy undertone. Their hair is most often ash blonde or light brown, and their eyes can be blue or gray. Cool pastel colors such as light blue, lavender and silver suit bright summer particularly well. Warm tones in particular are not suitable for light summer color types, as the warm undertones bring out the rosy skin tone. Gwyneth Paltrow, for example, is a light summer. 

Cool Summer/Cool Summer

Cool Summer has a light olive skin tone with cool bluish or gray eyes. The hair can be medium brown or ash blonde. Cool summers look good in muted colors like taupe, lilac and stone gray. Actress Emily Blunt is a good example of a Cool Summer color type.

Interior design tips for summer types

Even if your season is warm and bright summer, cool colors are your thing. 

  • Opt for cool, muted colors like lavender, light blue, gray or silver to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Use soft and flowing fabrics such as silk, satin or light curtains to emphasize the cool character of your living space.
  • Rely on subtle patterns such as prints in pastel tones or subtle stripes to bring some life into the room.
  • Silver or chrome accents can bring out the cool undertones of your summer guy.
  • A particularly beautiful table for the summer color type is ours Aarhus coffee table with a top made of gray Venom quartzite. Your color type would be particularly happy with a stainless steel frame. 

The autumn type – warm & natural 

The autumn type has a warm skin tone with golden or reddish undertones. Fall-type hair colors range from medium blonde to dark brown, and their eye colors are most often brown, amber, or green. Cool colors and black don't suit most fall types. The autumn type has three subgroups, two of which we will discuss in more detail:

Gentle Autumn/Soft Autumn

The Soft Autumn often has peachy skin with a warm undertone. A Gentle Autumn's hair can be dark blonde or light to medium brown, and their eyes are often green or hazel. Gentle autumn types look good in natural, temperate and earthy colors such as olive green, rust red, beige and gold. The hair and skin color can almost blend into each other in a Soft Autumn. Gigi Hadid, Brad Pitt and Giselle Bündchen are examples of the Soft Autumn color type. 

Intense Autumn/Deep Autumn

Intense Autumn has a stronger warm undertone in the skin and can have an olive skin tone. Deep Autumn's hair colors range from dark brown to auburn, and their eye color is most often dark brown or green. The Deep Autumn color type includes rich, saturated colors such as dark red, pumpkin orange and pine green. Penélope Cruz and Jason Momoa are two very illustrative examples of a Deep Autumn.

Interior design tips for fall types

  • For you: less is more. Warm, natural and earthy colors such as green, gold and brown create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in which your color type feels particularly comfortable.
  • Use materials such as wood, leather, raffia or natural textiles such as linen and chunky knits to decorate your living space.
  • Patterns with natural motifs such as leaves, flowers or animals will make your color type sigh with a feeling of well-being.
  • Gold or brass accents work particularly well with the warm undertones of fall.
  • Hardly any example from the MAGNA Atelier screams “Deep Autumn” as loudly as this one Aspen coffee table made of orange multicolor onyx
  • A Soft Autumn, on the other hand, would be very happy with one dining table or side table out of Cream Ivory.

The winter types – cold with a “pop”

The winter type is characterized by a cool skin tone with bluish or rosy undertones, similar to the summer type. Hair color can range from dark brown to black, and eye color is often dark brown or blue. The winter type also has several subgroups:

Heller Winter/ Light Winter

People in this subgroup type often have fair, porcelain-like skin with a cool undertone. The hair can be black or dark brown, and their eye color is usually dark brown or blue. Strong contrasting colors such as black, white, royal blue and bright pink suit the bright winter particularly well.

Cool winter/Cool winter

The cool winter has a light skin tone with a slightly olive undertone. The hair can be jet black or dark brown in a cool winter, and their eye color is often dark brown. Cool winters look good in bold, cool colors like navy blue, silver gray and intense pink. Alexandra Daddario and Collin Farrell are, among others, cool winters.

Interior design tips for winter types

  • Opt for bold, contrasting colors such as black, white, dark blue or bright red/pink to create a sleek and modern space.
  • Use shiny and smooth surfaces such as glass, metal or high-gloss paint to emphasize your cool character (based on your color type, of course).
  • Geometric patterns or clean lines go well with your season.
  • Silver or reflective accents can reinforce the cool undertones of the winter type.
  • Ours is a table that is predestined for your color type Tokyo model with a table top made of glass ceramic in Sky Blue or Pearl Black

MAGNA Atelier will be happy to advise you on furnishing your living space

Our meticulously designed range of high-quality, unique designs made from real natural stones and our sustainable MAGNA glass ceramic offers you an ensemble of all kinds of colors. 

We would be happy to advise you on the different types of natural stone or glass ceramic colors (regardless of your color type). Browse through our entire collection of tables and accessories and beautify your living space the way you like it best. 

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