Important questions and answers

    1. How expensive is shipping within Germany?

      Shipping of our unique items is free throughout Germany. Our Depending on the product, side tables, accessories and small coffee tables will be delivered to you by courier or delivered to the curb. Our dining tables and large coffee tables are generally made with our Delivered with in-house white glove service – This service includes delivery to the desired storage location in your home, assembly and disposal of the packaging material. 

      Shipping abroad:  Please see the foreign shipping fee in the shopping cart after entering your address. Please note that as a buyer abroad (non-EU countries), you may have to pay import/customs fees, which we do not cover and which will not be displayed in our shopping cart.

        2. Which shipping carrier do you use?

          We ship our accessories, small coffee tables and side tables with our shipping partners DHL and Dachser. We use our in-house shipping service to ship desks, large coffee tables, dining tables and larger objects Premium shipping company, which you our White-Glove-Service offers (transport to the storage location, assembly, disposal of the packaging).

            3. How long does delivery take?

              If you order one of our products from the existing range in the online shop with the dimensions there, the delivery time of your order is approximately 30 days for the production and delivery of your object within Germany from receipt of payment.

              ID orders or custom orders take slightly longer, averaging 6-8 weeks. If there are different delivery times, you can find this in the respective product descriptions. 

                4. Can I track my shipment?

                  Of course, you can track and track your order, regardless of what product you have ordered. You can track the shipping of smaller objects via tracking links. If you receive a dining table or a larger object, we will arrange the delivery date with you by telephone and you will also receive a tracking link with which you can follow our in-house driver. 

                    5. How are the products packaged?

                      We ensure that your products are safely packaged and arrive at your home undamaged. Sustainability is important to us, which is why we try, where possible, to pack and upholster the MAGNA Atelier's unique pieces with recyclable materials. The larger tables from the MAGNA Atelier are delivered on a pallet with our shipping driver. 

                      Montage: Side tables, accessories and smaller coffee tables usually arrive at your home fully assembled. Larger objects, desks, dining tables and large coffee tables are assembled at your home using our white glove service. With this service, we also dispose of the packaging material for you. You can find out whether we offer an assembly service for your delivery on the product detail page.

                      6. In mine Marble/natural stone are located Cracks or holes.

                      Cracks or holes in natural stones are naturally present and represent a quality feature and contemporary evidence of the historical origins of these natural materials. The youngest of our rocks is around 90 million years old and our other natural stones are over a billion years old. During these amazing periods of time, the natural stones were created by heat and pressure. The fusion of crystals, minerals and organisms resulted not only in beautiful veins, patterns and colors, but also in those small holes or hairline cracks, affectionately called "taroli" by the Italians.

                      Taroli refer to small holes or tiny craters in natural stones. These occur when e.g. B. certain minerals are present in natural stone that have a high degree of cleavage (e.g. calcite or dolomite) or they are the result of fungi and organisms that once lived in this place but have now rotted and created a cavity in this place have left behind. By grinding, processing and polishing the natural stones, these small holes, evidence of the origins of our earth, sometimes become visible. The size and number of taroli depends on the type of rock, the processing and the respective block. Taroli are comparable to knotholes in wood or scars in leather. 

                      7. Will my table top look the same as the product image? 

                      Our natural stones are natural products that are millions of years old, which is why each slab is individual and unique. Our product images and images of the different types of stone give you a good indication of what the individual natural stones look like, but cannot depict your exact specimen. Our production employees always select a particularly beautiful section of each natural stone block for you, but of course there may be slight deviations from the product image.

                      You can send us a note about this immediately before or after your order, such as: E.g. "as few patterns as possible" or "as much white and as little black as possible" and our staff will do their best to select your plate accordingly. We can also offer you an exact selection upon request and at an additional cost. 

                          8. What happens if I'm not home when my order arrives? 

                            We will discuss the delivery time of your tables (dining tables, desks and large coffee tables), which are delivered by our in-house shipping company, with you by telephone before delivery. We ask you to ensure that someone is at home at the agreed time, as a signature is required for delivery with the shipping company.

                            When shipping smaller items (side tables, accessories & small coffee tables)  the usual tracking and online quotes are available to ensure you can receive your shipment. 

                              9. What do I do if my order is damaged?

                                In the exceptional case that your order is delivered damaged, we ask you to take photos for documentation that show the damage. Please contact our customer service promptly by email or telephone so that we can solve the problem for you. We will examine your case immediately and contact you to find a quick and adequate solution. Your satisfaction is our greatest asset! 

                                  10. Can I return an order if I don't like it?

                                  We offer our customers a 100-day return policy. In the case of special made-to-measure or custom-made products that we have individually adapted to your wishes, returns are generally excluded (unless there are quality defects).

                                  In any case: If you are dissatisfied with your unique item, please contact us and explain your point of view. We always find a common solution with our valued customers.

                                    11. How much does a return cost?

                                      We offer you the option of returning all of our series models from the online shop within 100 days. If the object was delivered with DHL or Dachser, please contact our customer service by email or telephone, who will send you a return label by email. You can print out this label, stick it on the package and then hand it in or have it picked up by the relevant shipping service provider.

                                      For our in-house shipping deliveries, we have to charge an expense allowance of up to €149, depending on the pickup location and size of a product.

                                      In the case of special made-to-measure or custom-made products that we have individually adapted to your wishes, returns are generally excluded.

                                        12. I have not received an order confirmation. How can I find these?

                                          After you have completed your order, an order confirmation will automatically be sent to the email address you provided. If you have not received this, please check your spam folder first. If the email cannot be found there either, please contact our customer service, who will send you an order confirmation by email again. 

                                            13. Can I buy the MAGNA glass ceramic elsewhere?

                                              We have patented the production of our MAGNA glass ceramic, which is why we are the only company in the world that can and is allowed to produce this unique material. Our company has two locations in Germany: in Loitsche and Teutschenthal, where our globally unique MAGNA glass ceramic is also manufactured.

                                                14. Is the production of MAGNA glass ceramics really sustainable?

                                                  Yes, the production of our MAGNA glass ceramics is sustainable. When producing the glass ceramics, we only use scrap material from the glass industry that can no longer be used and would otherwise end up in the trash. During production, we completely avoid using artificial binders, epoxy resin or other chemical compounds and additives. The energy required to melt the glass shards is largely generated from our own solar systems and the water required for the manufacturing process is recycled and used multiple times. We can prove this with numerous environmental certificates, such as: B. the Cradle-to-Cradle Gold certificate or an EPD certification.

                                                  If you have any further questions about our glass ceramics that remain unanswered here, please contact our customer service who will be happy to help you. 

                                                  15. Where are MAGNA Atelier products made?

                                                  We manufacture our products locally in our production in Loitsche, Saxony-Anhalt in Germany.  

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                                                  Payment methods & shipping

                                                  You have 100 days to return the item if you are not satisfied. No ifs and buts. We want happy and satisfied customers.

                                                  - We deliver free of charge throughout Germany

                                                  - Shipping is carried out with our in-house premium shipping company or with one of our service providers, DPD, DHL.

                                                  - Whether your product will be shipped with DPD/DHL or a freight forwarder can be found on the respective product page and the "Shipping" tab.

                                                  - The delivery time, including the custom-made product, is 30 working days

                                                  - immediately after dispatch you will receive a tracking number from us via email so that you can coordinate the delivery date

                                                  - If you choose premium shipping with our shipping company, we will contact you by phone to arrange a delivery date

                                                  - Your product will be delivered to your home safely packaged.

                                                  - Our products are delivered fully assembled and securely packaged

                                                  - We also deliver all products to Switzerland and Austria. Please find the specific fee for shipping to Switzerland or Austria on the product detail page or put the desired product in the shopping cart, where we will calculate your shipping fee based on your purchased products. Please note that as a buyer you may have to pay import fees to non-EU countries.

                                                  - If you have any questions, simply contact us via Whatsapp or email

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