Unique furniture is made from broken glass

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Material & Recycling

When producing glass products, there are always defects that cannot be used. These surpluses represent the source of raw materials for the production of glass ceramics, such as Heineken bottles that are too large for our green MAGNA glass ceramics®.


Melting & Cooling

The excess glass is broken into shards and melted together in special furnaces. They are then cooled in cooling hoods. The result is a glass ceramic plate with unique, magma-like details - each table top is absolutely unique.


Cutting & refining

After the plates have cooled, they are refined by hand during final processing. We polish each panel with attention to detail and then cut it to size. Each record is only available once in the world.


Your piece of furniture

The furniture from MAGNA Atelier is manufactured and packaged with the utmost care. After these complex processes, a sustainable yet extremely elegant and luxurious piece of furniture was created that will be on its way to you in its new home in just a few days.

MAGNA Glaskeramik®

Since the raw material of MAGNA Glaskeramik® consists of almost 100% scrap material from industrial and bottle glass production and can be completely added back to the recycling cycle even after use, MAGNA Glaskeramik® is considered a prime example of the efficient use of resources and raw materials.< /p>

View all glass ceramic products

Unique furniture is made from broken glass

Every product is unique

Due to the unique arrangement of the glass shards, you will always receive a unique piece that is unique in the world and a large number of hours of work go into every product we create. The attention to detail, the recycled material and the elaborate and environmentally friendly production process make your MAGNA Atelier product something very special.

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Our mission sustainability

MAGNA Glaskeramik® is considered a prime example of the efficient use of resources and raw materials.

Up to 80% lower CO2 emissions in comparison

Our products are free of harmful substances and solvents

The material is made from 100% recycled glass bottles

Water is recycled and used multiple times

A large part of the energy requirement is generated from the solar system

We have the Cradle to Cradle Gold certificate

What makes our glass ceramics so special?

MAGNA glass ceramic is a product that is unique in the world and that only we produce. In a complex melting process that takes several days, we succeed in producing high-quality, long-lasting products from recycled glass shards. Our clod-like glass ceramic puts the individual glass shards back together to form a table top. When exposed to light, individual shards of glass become visible again in an inimitable way. There is no other material with such a property. Your new MAGNA product is sure to attract everyone's attention.

Cradle to Cradle & Materialpreis 2018

Overall, we work on your custom-made product over several days. Our production has received various certificates, such as the Cradle to Cradle Gold certificate for sustainability and environmental considerations. We also received the coveted 2018 Material Prize in Germany. So not only do we use recycled materials in our production in Germany, but we also use solar energy and use water multiple times for various processes.


The colors of MAGNA Glaskeramik®

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Payment methods & shipping

You have 100 days to return the item if you are not satisfied. No ifs and buts. We want happy and satisfied customers.

- We deliver free of charge throughout Germany

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- Whether your product will be shipped with DPD/DHL or a freight forwarder can be found on the respective product page and the "Shipping" tab.

- The delivery time, including the custom-made product, is 30 working days

- immediately after dispatch you will receive a tracking number from us via email so that you can coordinate the delivery date

- If you choose premium shipping with our shipping company, we will contact you by phone to arrange a delivery date

- Your product will be delivered to your home safely packaged.

- Our products are delivered fully assembled and securely packaged

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